Accommodation is handled by Hotel Cristal staff (booking + billing), by room. Please organize yourselves to find a roomate and book your room.
We kindly ask participants to share rooms to allow more people to come.
Here is a list of the prices including breakfast (actually you’ll pay a little bit less as Hotel Cristal offers us a discount)  :


You can find a roommate using this collaborative pad.
All the rooms are booked for us. Please specify during the booking process that your booking is is for the DGP meeting.

Dormitories are available (30 CHF/night including breakfast and pool access, sleeping bag needed) upon request. Contact us if you are interested.

It is possible to arrive earlier, i.e. on the 22nd. Just ask the hotel to extend your booking.

If Hotel Cristal is full, other places might be able to welcome you, although they are not booked for this meeting:

Hôtel de Bellevue
Rue de la Gruère 13
2350 Saignelaigier
tel: +41 32 951 16 20

Hôtel de la Gare
Rue de la Gruère 4
2350 Saignelégier
tel: +41 32 951 11 21

Gite Chez Toinette
Combe La Noire 7
2350 Saignelégier
tel: +41 32 951 24 11
fax: +41 79 778 91 53

Café du Soleil
Rue du Marché-Concours 14
2350 Saignelégier
tel: +41 32 951 16 88